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Athens, Greece
Devoid of Proteins Exhibition and Performance
Installation and performance

Cup, tapes, chair, postcards, candle stand, plastic nets, plywood, a souvenir of Parthenon and pillar, mop, plastic cup, rope, clothespins.

While I stayed at the Athens, I decided to observe the urban city of Athens through walking and collecting materials in the city. I am interested in materials which are related to the area in which they reside. It seems like all industrial materials are the same all over the world as a result of globalisation. However, everyday and architectural materials differ slightly in every country. I would like to grasp those cultural contexts.

In this project, I found all my materials in Athens. I found a piece of plywood in the garbage bin around the woodwork place. I bought plastic cups at the supermarket and a plastic net around the corner from my neighbour. I soon realised that all the materials were mostly made of plastic.

I also went to the sightseeing area of the Acropolis. I became interested in the kitsch souvenirs such as the postcards and small statues of the Parthenon. I can find these kinds of souvenir everywhere in the world. We have a common image of famous places even we have never been. We have already known things through the Internet before we experienced. What does our modern notion of ‘the trip’ mean? Do we still have to go to a journey to confirm it or to put it on the Instagram?

Our everyday life is influenced and occupied by social media and the Internet.

Although I was in Athens, I found a quite fresh feeling and atmosphere over there. I imagine that the importance of the trip is not being and experiencing a new cultural spot, but it is more important to move out physically from your living area. Even if our life is connected to the Internet. We can still leave our daily stuff through being in different places.