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Being Double: Objects

Polystyrene foam

The Fukushima catastrophe has become a part of my life. I would have never thought this was what my hometown would become famous for. I realise that since the disaster there has been a feeling of instability and precariousness regarding the everyday life-suddenly something might happen which could completely change our life. I have many different perspectives on the same catastrophe simultaneously.

This affects my position in the Netherlands. I’m searching how I can be in the different place at the same time as a Japanese woman who lives in the Netherlands. It is an impossible question. Although can it be solved metaphorically? I’m looking for how we have certain awareness and experiences in our mind and body that were don’t have if we read books or search on the Internet.

I use industrial materials such as plywood, acrylic plate, polyethylene foam, pvc sheet. I made an “Image Sketch for the Space” made by silkscreen prints on a plywood surface. I transform the shapes from the silkscreen prints into the polyethylene foam objects in the space. I would like to share the experimental body awareness with the spectator through a making narrow space with coloured natural light made from the “Image Sketch for the Space”.

Through making negative and positive images of silkscreen prints, I try to catch the 'Being Double' in a metaphorical way. I try to evoke a physical experience to the spectator. Through using everyday materials, I raise the question about boundaries between everyday life objects and art.

I am interested in how the objects influence with the space. Through making abstract shape objects, I became interested in the border of the letter and shape. I started with the silkscreen print to search how the shapes occupy the white paper. While making the silkscreen prints, I became more interested in if those shapes become objects. I made a pattern from the silkscreen, and I made the polyethylene foam objects.

Through placing objects and pvc sheet on the floor, I felt that they were like the maquette of the city landscape. Are they just objects or maquettes or more? Those objects remind me a city landscape of Tokyo.

Although I was thinking about the boundaries of shapes and letters, the objects have own expression which cannot explain in words. I am interested in those parts of ambiguous feelings.

In outside, I made narrow space to walk though. I used the same shape from the silkscreen to investigate how I can transform from the two dimensional shape into the space. I try to catch the moment through the changing of the shape of the coloured shadow with natural light.