Performing Light

Installation @CBK Amsterdam
Collaboration with Lola Bezemer
Filmed and edited by Eva Schalkwijk

Coloured Acrylic plates, steel threads, fans, electronic extension cords, coloured foils, motors, beamers, video cameras, electronic cords, tie wraps.

Lola Bezemer and Juri Suzuki met at the Gerrit rietveld academie. Then a first collaboration developed, coming from an interest in experimenting with light and movement in space. For example they project images of a space within a space, through this the space deforms and from inside the space can be seen from a distance.

The installation of the work is a teamwork in which they themselves and also the space play a big role. The space is like an empty canvas. Its shapes become inseparable of the installation.

Through coloured plexi glass, etc, spaces change into mesmerising surroundings.

Light shines through moving coloured objects and creates continuously changing projections and reflections in the space.